Hoosier Series

The colorful culture of the established Hoosier state is reflected in this brick series by the unique color blends enhancing the beauty of the deep Indiana Clay. The unique variety of rich colors bring beauty into your neighborhood, and reflects the warmth and strong stature of your home.

Recommended Application:

Product PropertyCSAASTMTypical Brampton Brick Range
Compressive Strength (min)> 21 MPa> 3000 psi40-6- MPa or 5800-8700 psi
5 Hour Boil Water Absorption> 17%> 17%4 - 8%
24 Hour Cold Water Absorption3 - 6%
C/B Ratio< 0.78< 0.780.65 - 0.75
Based on CSA A82 for Exterior Grade (EG) Brick, Type X and ASTM C216 Severe Weather (SW) Brick, Type FBX

Product Combination Tool

Use this tool to compare product and styles to find YOUR perfect color combination of brick and stone.