Bank on Brick

A clay brick home is beauty you can bank on. That's because, unlike any other material, clay brick combines universal appeal with important economic benefits. Clay brick instantly communicates those qualities that are most desirable in a home - permanence, warmth and substance.

Clay Brick Adds Value

To assure the best return on your investment you'll want to consider your home's potential for appreciation and maximize its resale value. According to real estate appraisers, the appreciation of a clay brick home is on the average 4% to 6% greater than that of an identical home with a vinyl, wood siding, cedar, or aluminum exterior.

Savings on Energy

Clay brick is one of the original energy conservation tools. Simply because of its mass, it prevents temperature extremes on the outside of your home from affecting the temperature on the inside of your home. You'll need to use your air conditioning less in summer, and your heat less in winter.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Clay brick is practically maintenance-free. Sit back and enjoy your home, no painting is required. That's not the only saving you can expect with clay brick. While homes covered in other materials can corrode, rot, split, warp, dent or crack through the years, clay brick does not. It stands the test of time no matter how strong the wind or severe the weather.