Going Green with Brick

It's as old as history itself. It's natural, abundant, recyclable and extremely durable. It's manufacturing is cost-efficient in its use of energy. It generates near zero waste. And it's beautiful, versatile, fire-retardant, maintenance-free and all natural. It's clay brick, the most environment friendly of all building materials.

Absolutely Down-to-Earth

While many building materials base their ecological benefits on whether they are recyclable, clay brick takes environmentalism a step further, starting literally from the ground up, with clay as its base material. Mixing clay with the primal elements of water and fire creates a building material that truly stems from the earth itself. And while clay brick is recyclable, it is unique in that its durability assures that it will not need to be recycled for generations to come. In fact, brick has an amazing lifecycle. It's been around since 2300 BC. Monuments such as the Great Wall of Chine and the Roman aqueducts are testimony to its longevity.

Totally Eco-Friendly

Clay brick is friendlier to the environment than many new convenience materials, from its production from our abundant local supply of natural clay through its extended product life and, finally, to re-use as a highly coveted antique brick.

Multiple Benefits

From an environmental standpoint, building with clay brick reduces the impact of natural resource consumption. Numerous studies have shown that the brick enhances occupants' comfort and health. Clay brick reduces the strain on local infrastructure by reducing demand for landfills, water supply, storm water management and transportation of materials. Also, clay brick requires less maintenance and significantly reduces the energy consumption of the building over its entire life, making it more energy-efficient, and therefore more eco-friendly.