Manufacturing Process

Computerized Automation Manages Our Brick and Stone Manufacturing Process

A brick is judged by its durability and colour retention. Absolute consistency is assured through complete automation. Our manufacturing facilities are computer controlled and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Brampton Brick, we pride ourselves on continuously reinvesting money into the facility in order to improve and perfect the quality of the products we create.

Testing is rigorous and continuous. That 's the only way we can ensure that each of the 400 million modular equivalent bricks we produce each year is perfect enough to bear the name Brampton Brick.

One of the many reasons why our bricks are superior is the unrefined shale that Brampton Brick extracts from its own quarries.

The Best Bricks Are Kiln Burned

Annually, 660,000 tons of clay are crushed into powder, blended and then fed into a vacuum chamber which extracts the air. Then the mixture is extruded into long columns, the length and width of the finished brick. After blending, the raw brick column is wire-cut into individual bricks. Then, the brick travels on computer controlled rail cars to the dryer which uses recycled heat from the kilns.

The brick is now ready to be fired in one of our four football-field sized, energy-efficient kilns at temperatures of nearly 1,050 degrees Celsius.

Brampton Brick's firing pattern ensures a superior brick, since the bricks are burned from the top & bottom - not the sides. This firing pattern ensures the brick's strength and durability - a fact we can attest to because we rigorously test our product at every stage of the process.

Computer-controlled kiln cars deliver finished bricks for the final automated step: packaging for delivery. But for us, this is only the beginning - as our research and development team works constantly with architects, designers, builders, engineers and other experts - exploring new, innovative ways to stay at the forefront of the construction industry. From our manufacturing department to our customer service team, Brampton Brick is dedicated to providing the highest quality clay brick, which not only meets but exceeds government-approved C.S.A. and A.S.T.M. standards.