Boulder City

We are a  wholesale and retail full-service landscape supplier and Oaks Landscape Products distributor.

Landscape Products | Pavers

Product Name Sold Stocked
Colonnade Yes Yes
Enviro Midori Yes Yes
Eterna Yes Yes
Market Paver 80mm Yes Yes
Molina® 80mm Yes Yes
Nueva® Paver Yes Yes
Rialto 80mm Yes Yes
Ridgefield Plus Yes Yes
Ridgefield Smooth Yes Yes
Villanova Yes Yes

Landscape Products | Slabs

Product Name Sold Stocked
Molina® 60mm Yes Yes
Nueva® Slab 60mm Yes Yes
Nueva® XL Slab Yes Yes
Rialto 60mm Yes Yes

Landscape Products | Copings

Product Name Sold Stocked
Cassina Yes Yes
Oasis Yes Yes

Landscape Products | Landscape Accessories

Product Name Sold Stocked
1OneSand (Polymeric Sand) No No

Landscape Products | Steps & Curbs

Product Name Sold Stocked
Aria Step Yes Yes
Fronterra Curb Yes Yes
Nueva® Step Yes Yes

Landscape Products | Retaining & Garden Walls

Product Name Sold Stocked
Gardenia Linear Yes Yes
Laredo Yes Yes
Modan Yes Yes
Modeco One Yes Yes
Nueva® 150 Wall Yes Yes
Nueva® 75 Wall Yes Yes
Ortana Yes Yes
Proterra<sup>TM</sup> Smooth Yes Yes
Proterra<sup>TM</sup> Split Yes Yes