Calin Stone was founded in 2006 and is located in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in engineering, landscaping production and marketing of horticultural products. 

** We have sales office and huge freight team. We are a dynamic company, online and offline as one of the development of enterprises. 

** In 2008 the company for the market to produce a large number of representative works. 

Now, Calin Stone is the most diverse company in the industry, with hundreds of popular products and services covering the industry.

The main products of the company are Bedding Material, Garden Material, Interlocking Stone, Patio Slabs, Polymeric sand, Aluminum and Plastic Edge, Landscape Fabric, Adhesive, Concrete Mix, Mortar Mix, Portland, Solid Tubing, Tubing with Filter and so on.

The company provides competitive products and technology, regular staff training, continuous innovation and improvement.


2967 Kennedy Road
Scarborough ON M1V 1S9



<p class="address" translate="no"><span class="address-line1">2967 Kennedy Road</span><br>
<span class="locality">Scarborough</span> <span class="administrative-area">ON</span> <span class="postal-code">M1V 1S9</span><br>
<span class="country">Canada</span></p>

Masonry | Clay Brick

Product Name Sold Stocked
Architectural Series Yes No
Contemporary Series Yes No
Crossroads Series Yes No
Historic Series Yes No
Legacy Series Yes No
Mediterranean Series Yes No

Hardscape | Pavers

Product Name Sold Stocked
Avenue Series Yes No
Centurion Yes Yes
Colonnade Yes No
Enviro Midori Yes No
Enviro Passagio Yes No
Eterna Yes No
Hydr'eau Pave Yes No
Market Paver Yes No
Molina® 80mm Yes No
Nueva® Paver Yes Yes
Presidio Yes No
Rialto 80mm Yes Yes
Ridgefield Plus Yes Yes
Ridgefield Smooth Yes Yes
Villanova Yes Yes

Masonry | Stone

Product Name Sold Stocked
Artiste 2 Yes No
Bonneville Yes No
Contempo Yes No
Finesse Yes No
Granada Yes No
Norfolk Yes No
Vivace Yes No

Masonry | Concrete Block

Product Name Sold Stocked
Architectural Block Yes No
Profile Series Yes No
Standard & Lightweight Block Yes No

Hardscape | Slabs

Product Name Sold Stocked
Molina® 60mm Yes No
Monterey Yes Yes
Nueva® Slab 60mm Yes Yes
Nueva® XL Slab Yes Yes
Rialto 50mm Yes Yes

Hardscape | Copings

Product Name Sold Stocked
Cassina Yes No
Oasis Yes No
Oasis Bullnose Yes No

Hardscape | Hardscape Accessories

Product Name Sold Stocked
1OneSand Yes No

Masonry | Masonry Accessories

Product Name Sold Stocked
32" Sills Yes No
Finesse Accessories Yes No

Hardscape | Steps & Curbs

Product Name Sold Stocked
Aria Step Yes Yes
Fronterra Curb Yes Yes
Nueva® Step Yes Yes

Hardscape | Retaining & Garden Walls

Product Name Sold Stocked
Castlerok 2 Yes Yes
Gardenia Linear Yes No
Modan Yes No
Modeco One Yes No
Nueva® 150 Wall Yes No
Nueva® 75 Wall Yes No
Ortana Yes Yes
Proterra™ Smooth Yes No
Proterra™ Split Yes No