Redi-Wall, LLC

Redi-Wall LLC is the local authorized manufacturer for the Redi-Rock and Redi-Scape product line in southeastern Michigan.  We service Livingston, Genesee, Washtenaw, Oakland Counties and surrounding areas. We are proud to announce we are now an Oaks Landscape Products concrete paver, slab and wall dealer.

We are also ready to help with the following:

  • Help with design for self-install projects
  • Great resource for install trades for the project
  • Offer free estimates
  • Offer polymeric sand for paver joints and accessories
  • Shipping of large or small loads with semi and stake trucks

Landscape Products | Patio Pavers

Product Name Sold Stocked
Colonnade Yes Yes
Enviro Midori No No
Eterna No No
Market Paver 80mm Yes No
Molina® 80mm No No
Nueva® Paver Yes No
Rialto 80mm No No
Ridgefield Plus No No
Ridgefield Smooth Yes Yes
Villanova No No

Landscape Products | Slabs

Product Name Sold Stocked
Molina® 60mm Yes No
Nueva® XL Slab Yes No

Landscape Products | Copings

Product Name Sold Stocked
Cassina Yes No
Oasis No No

Landscape Products | Landscape Accessories

Product Name Sold Stocked
1OneSand (Polymeric Sand) Yes No

Landscape Products | Steps & Curbs

Product Name Sold Stocked
Aria Step Yes No
Fronterra Curb No No
Nueva® Step Yes Yes

Landscape Products | Retaining & Garden Walls

Product Name Sold Stocked
Gardenia Linear Yes No
Laredo Yes Yes
Modan Yes No
Modeco One No No
Nueva® 150 Wall Yes Yes
Nueva® 75 Wall Yes Yes
Ortana Yes Yes
Proterra™ Smooth No No
Proterra™ Split No No

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