Artiste 2

Featuring straight top and bottom edges and a fresh spectrum of earth-tone colours, Artiste 2 is the evolution of our original Artiste stone. Improving on excellence, Artiste 2 offers an even more natural stone texture while also being easier to install.

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Artiste 2 Champagne by Brampton Brick (USA)
Artiste 2 Dover by Brampton Brick (USA)
Artiste 2 Harbour Mist by Brampton Brick (USA)
Harbour Mist
Artiste 2 Marble gray by Brampton Brick (USA)
Marble Gray
Artiste 2 Shoreline by Brampton Brick (USA)
Patio using Monterey products from Brampton Brick

Rialto Collection

Defined by a hand-chiseled appearance and rich colour blends, the Rialto Collection brings together a range of masonry and landscape products that