With the look of hand-crafted stone, Artiste elevates any home with its striking beauty. Artiste is an appealing alternative for homes and commercial buildings that demand a unique touch. Available in a pleasing palette of either neutral colors or warm earth tones, Artiste is easy to install with a wide array of configurations, creating a look that is unique and prestigious.

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Recommended Application:

Product PropertyCSAASTMTypical Brampton Brick Range
Compressive Strength (min)> 25 MPa> 3500 psi39 - 44.1 MPa
Absorption (max)< 8%< 10 Ib/ft³ (8%)4.7% - 6.3%
Density> 2000 kg/m³> 125 Ib/ft³2120 - 2172 kg/m³
Based on CSA A165.2 and ASTM C1634

Product Combination Tool

Use this tool to compare product and styles to find YOUR perfect color combination of brick and stone.