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Great landscape design requires a sharp eye and the highest quality materials.

As a leading manufacturer of landscape products, Oaks Landscape Products are designed to look great together and are manufactured in tightly controlled and fully monitored production facilities.

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Patio with pool using Rialto and Cassina Coping products from Brampton Brick


Give your outdoor landscaping project an expert finishing touch. Our coping stones are designed as extensions of our landscape...
Landscape Accessories

Landscape Accessories

Equip yourself with quality products that get the job done. From sealants to cleaners, and sands to drains, our landscape...
House using Vivace products and driveway using Nueva products from Brampton Brick


Sometimes referred to as patio brick or paving bricks, concrete pavers form the floor of your outdoor design in an interlocking...
Patio with stairs and wall using Gardenia Linear, Market Paver and Aria Step products from Brampton Brick

Retaining & Garden Walls

Our high-quality garden wall products and retaining wall systems are known for their functionality and durability. They offer many...
Patio with pillars and planter wall using Nueva® Slab, Monterey and Modan products from Brampton Brick


Concrete slabs are designed for everywhere you want to step, stroll, or socialize in your outdoor space. Built for pool decks...
Steps with fountain using Nueva® Step product from Brampton Brick

Steps & Curbs

Developed for visual appeal and maximum stability in transitions between elevations, our modular concrete step systems tie the...

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Looking for more information? We offer detailed tools, guidelines, and industry-related resources.