Nueva Collection

Modern design calls for clean lines and a well-coordinated color palette. The Nueva collection of masonry and landscape products is the next generation of sleek, low-profile design. This diverse combination of contemporary products offers flush finishes and smooth faces for any modern-looking project.

The Collection

Residential building using Architectural Series and Finesse products from Brampton Brick
Masonry Products|Clay Brick

Architectural Series

The Architectural Series takes design to another level with its gorgeous, through-the-body colours. With smooth and velour textures, this product is the perfect choice for design versatility.

House using Bonnevile product from Brampton Brick
Masonry Products|Stone


From inception, Bonneville was created with the versatility required to shape modern home design. Softly blended, natural colours were specifically developed to make Bonneville the perfect complement to our well-coordinated clay or concrete bricks. The smooth surface, clean lines, and modern proportions make Bonneville stand apart from other stones.

Pool and patio pavers using Nueva Slab and Cassina Coping products from Brampton Brick
Landscape Products|Copings


With its distinctive bullnose edge, narrower width, and highly versatile colour options, Cassina means comfort. Whether designing around curved pools, seat walls, or even step treads, this 70mm (2.76”) coping is the perfect companion product for numerous Oaks paver and wall stones.

Classic Paver in Chestnut by Oaks landscape products
Landscape Products|Pavers

Classic Paver

Classic Paver honors tradition in its proportion, yet its rich, fresh colors and crisp finish bring a 21st-century appeal to any project design. At 60mm (2.36" thick), this versatile paver can be used in almost any way you can imagine, from accents and borders for designs using other Oaks pavers and slabs, to full patios or even driveways or parking lots.

House using Contempo stone and Contemporary clay brick products from Brampton Brick
Masonry Products|Stone


Add elegance to modern designs. Through its elemental colours, Contempo brings fresh sophistication to a fluid stone system. Its smooth surface and natural colours pair noticeably well with textured products such as Granada.

Contempo Metric Norman by Brampton Brick
Masonry Products|Concrete Brick

Contempo Brick

Manufactured in a selection of our most popular through-the-body Contempo colours, this solid concrete brick makes a superb companion to both our Contempo and Granada stone but also harmonizes well across our entire product line. Manufactured in traditional Premier Plus and linear Metric Norman sizes, Contempo delivers simplicity in design, continuity in form, and harmony of colour and texture.

Residential building using Finesse product from Brampton Brick
Masonry Products|Stone


Finesse stone unites colours and textures designed to deliver the perfect aesthetic touch to any build. Explore the vast range of sizes, colours, and finishes, including smooth, suave, quartz, polished and leather. This product is 100% made to order, and is also produced with a water-repellent additive, to be used with a mortar admixture, as part of a complete water-repellent wall system.

House using Finesse Sills product from Brampton Brick
Masonry Products|Masonry Accessories

Finesse 590 Sill with Drip Edge

Manufactured for durability and practicality, Finesse 590 sills have a built-in drip edge to help prevent moisture-related issues from damaging exterior walls.

New Laredo smooth wall product by Oaks Landscape
Landscape Products|Retaining & Garden Walls

Laredo Smooth

Laredo Smooth signifies the ultimate in sophisticated simplicity. A single-sized block with smooth faces, straight edges and on-trend colors fit today’s design aesthetic. These stone blocks coordinate perfectly with Oaks Nueva® slabs and pavers, and can be used for garden walls, pillars, driveway edging, and modern fire pits.