Vivace Canada

Vivace Series blends strength and durability with color palettes inspired by nature in a product that defines both quality and prestige. The rich, bold colors will enhance and give an aesthetic edge to any residential or commercial building. Its distinctive cut and exclusive slate finish and varying size combinations provide endless design options.

Vivace Linear provides the perfect balance between contemporary proportions and gorgeous, natural colors. Vivace Linear, when used on its own brings drama contrasting a modern, linear pattern with a natural aesthetic. Combined with our Vivace or Artiste stone, Vivace Linear presents a unique customization while staying true to your color palette.

View Vivace & Vivace Linear’s color combinations HERE.

Recommended Application:

Product PropertyCSAASTMTypical Brampton Brick Range
Compressive Strength (min)> 25 MPa> 3500 psi39-44.1 MPa
Absorption (max)< 8%< 10 Ib/ft³ (8%)4.7% - 6.3%
Density> 2000 kg/m³> 125 Ib/ft³2120 - 2172 kg/m³
Based on CSA A165.2 and ASTM C1634

Product Combination Tool

Use this tool to compare product and styles to find YOUR perfect color combination of brick and stone.