Rialto Collection

The Rialto Collection has a unique ability to inspire. Any combination of these variably textured products can create new life in an old space. With textures ranging from subtle to bold, and coordinated, soulful earth-toned colours, these products are designed to harmonize perfectly.

The Collection

Patio with stairs and wall using Gardenia Linear, Market Paver and Aria Step products from Brampton Brick
Hardscape|Steps & Curbs

Aria Step

Easy installation, design flexibility, aesthetics, and new safety standards were all key considerations when developing our Aria Step. With dimensions that balance elegance and comfort, this modern step system is designed to overlap, reducing irregular settlement and ensuring long-lasting quality.

House using Artiste 2 product from Brampton Brick

Artiste 2

Featuring straight top and bottom edges and a fresh spectrum of earth-tone colours, Artiste 2 is the evolution of our original Artiste stone. Improving on excellence, Artiste 2 offers an even more natural stone texture while also being easier to install.

Patio using Centurion products from Brampton Brick


Centurion pavers feature a tumbled finish to give these 70mm (2.76”) landscape stones an enduring and weathered look. Available in a combo bundle as well as individually packaged sizes, it offers countless ways to design your outdoor space.

Patio with curb using Monterey and Fronterra Curb products from Brampton Brick
Hardscape|Steps & Curbs

Fronterra Curb

Designed with a naturally textured profile and a complimentary color palette, Fonterra offers an ideal accent for steps and curbs. Its wedge shape helps Fronterra adapt to straight and curved applications.

House with patio and fireplace using Granada and Eterna products from Brampton Brick


Its fresh, marbled colour compositions make Granada an adaptable stone for today's chic design trends. Offered in an array of alluring colours, Granada’s refined textures combine easily with other products, integrating especially well with Contempo, which offers the same stone sizes in well-coordinated colours for perfect pairing.

Driveway using Hydr'eau Pave products from Brampton Brick

Hydr'eau Pave

These 80mm (3.15”) permeable paving stones are designed to reduce erosion and excessive rainfall runoff through its joints. Hydr’eau Pave can transform any landscape project into a work of art through its distinct textures, resembling the look of natural stone.

House using Mediterranean Series and Vivace products from Brampton Brick
Masonry|Clay Brick

Mediterranean Series

Elegant, yet informal. The Mediterranean Series blends tranquil blues and vibrant golds into a sunset-inspired line of clay brick. This stunning series was developed to harmonize perfectly with our many stone products, bringing a fresh, new energy to clay brick colours.

Patio using Monterey product from Brampton Brick


The gentle texture and understated tones of our Monterey slab make it a perfect choice for creating a relaxed outdoor atmosphere. It features clean edges, paired with a softly textured surface, perfect for creating a relaxed outdoor living design. This 50mm (1.97”) architectural slab comes in sizes and packaging options that also combine well with our Rialto slab.

House using Norfolk, Monastery product from Brampton Brick


Give your home timeless and enduring curb-appeal. Norfolk Stone was developed as the premium choice for homes to capture the timeless style and enduring curb-appeal in one easy package. Norfolk’s combo bundle includes three different heights for versatility in both patterning and installation, with colour choices that range from taupe-tans to soft greys.